About Dubtronics

Sunil, founder of Dubtronics, is an innovative producer and DJ with a clear aim, to focus, uplift and inspire many through the power and frequencies of dub music!

From a very young age, Sunil has always been captivated by the sound of music and growing up in a family with a vast musical background, he played the keys of a Yamaha DX7 and played bass at school.

Being of Caribbean Indian descent, Sunil has been heavily influenced by both cultures musically. His forefathers emigrated from Kingston, Jamaica to the UK in the 60’s, bringing with them the roots and culture of dub music. For him, listening to Reggae always had the edge over any other genre of music, but it wasn't until he discovered dub that he discovered his calling. Maybe it was a combination of conscious lyrics along with mysterious echoes and reverb on the instrumentation, but it definitely took him to another dimension!

After attending dub sessions throughout ’06 and ‘07, he was in awe of the positive vibes and atmosphere, and felt he had to make a contribution! He proactively set up his own studio producing dub music with the ambition for sound systems to feature and spread a positive message. With the help and guidance of his musical teachers; King Earthquake, Wooligan and Angus Digital, Dubtronics was born!

Over the years, he has enhanced his skills and has grown from strength to strength, making him one of the most sought after producers in modern day dub! He has collaborated with various artists such as Murray Man, Amelia Harmony, Izyah Davis and Isiah Mentor to name a few.

His latest releases and exclusive dubplate mixes can be found on this website. So take a browse and come and embark upon this spiritual journey called dub!